BLOODSTAINS OVER BRIXTON: The Cavemen / Atomic Suplex / Suicide Generation + more

February 17, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
Brixton Windmill

O shiiiit it is the best rock and roll bands currently operating all on one bill!! in south London!!!

THE CAVEMEN the men the legends the sick bastardsss definitely the best lp release of 2016 + you wil literally faint at their live show and be carried out and dumped by the side of the road but it will be the end of the night so it does not matter. from new zealand

ATOMIC SUPLEX a suprisingly rarrre live show from the trash punk losers the crowds love to love to love, featuring very expressive guitar work/satanic noise/feedback

SUICIDE GENERATION mysterious new band with a history of 2 live notorious performances and a string of corpses left in unusual poses

MOTO VAMP Raw power injected rock ‘n’ roll fronted by Los Angeles blues punk siren, Lily Marlene

also DJ sets from GENERAL ECHO, no.1 rubadub soundsystem of walthamstow