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Welcome to Brixton Buzz

Created in December 2011, BrixtonBuzz is now by far the biggest and most comprehensive news and listings site for Brixton and the surrounding area.

We publish hundreds of listings for events in and around Brixton every month, as well as covering local news, politics, sports, photo features, local history and more.

From August 2012, we’ve also being providing content for the free independent local paper, the Lambeth Weekender, with our music listings reaching an additional 100,000 readers every two weeks.

With the site based on the same non-profit principles as our sister site urban75, there’s no sponsors to upset or cosy council relationships to tip-toe around, giving the site the freedom to report forthrightly on local issues.

Holding the council to account

We have continued to scrutinise Lambeth Council in the absence of any official Council opposition, or even other local media holding the Council to account as our town continues to change.

Stories that we have broken recently include how the Council’s ticketed fireworks display was undersold, lost money and was officially described as a ‘shambles.’

We also investigated how Lambeth Council is taking legal action against 141 local businesses for non-payment of the controversial Brixton BID. We revealed that £24,000 of Council money is being spent chasing these businesses.

We broke the story about the Lambeth Council cultural consultation – before it was even announced by the Council. Our in-depth investigation into the proposals have been used by other groups in the borough as a starting point when responding to the consultation.

In March 2014, we broke the story of a misleading Channel 4 news ‘vox pop’ feature about Brixton, with our exposé receiving coverage in the national news media.

At the beginning of April 2014, we celebrated reaching a landmark figure of one million page views, with the site registering a record breaking 60,000 page views in the first 48 hours of the month.

By September 2015, Buzz had nine thousand Brixton events listed, and three million page views, a figure that was to double to 6 million page views by Feb 2017.

Brixton Fightback at the Electric Brixton with Alabama 3, Fat White Family, Misty Miller and more, 11th June 2015

The site that gives back to the community

Brixton Buzz has been very active in supporting the community, by getting involved in local campaigns and running fundraising events.

In June 2015, we organised a major concert for residents of the threatened Cressingham Gardens estate. Our Brixton Fightback show at the Electric Brixton pulled in over a thousand people, featuring local bands like the Alabama 3 and Fat White Family, and raised over £1,500 for estate campaigners.

In July 2014, we helped the striking Ritzy workers raise over a thousand pounds at a benefit show, and were heavily involved in a fund raiser for local club Dulwich Hamlet in July 2015 and we continue to help the club.

In January 2017, we hosted a Bowie charity night at the Brixton Prince Albert, raising a total of £600 which we donated to two local music charities, Raw Material and School Ground Sounds.

Grab some Coldharbour Courage for the Countru Show - the beer that gives back to the community

Uniquely, we also occasionally brew our own selection of Brixton Buzz beers, with all the profits going to local causes.

Brewed locally by the London Beer Lab, we give away all profits to local charities and worthy causes, raisin gthousands of pounds. Recipients to date include the Brixton Soup Kitchen, Loughborough Farm and Save Cressingham Gardens.

Free shows

Brixton Buzz also runs regular Offline Club nights around Brixton, where we put on fun events with interesting bands and party loving DJs. All our nights are free.

Who’s who

We’ve got a great team helping to run the site, but we’re always on the look out for more contributors – see below for more info:

richbuzz Rich: King of the listings and one of the BrixtonBuzz co-founders, Rich makes sure that our calendar is fully stocked, and he’s also responsible for sourcing many of the articles on the site. Email: rich@brixtonbuzz.com



Mike Urban at Brixton BuzzMike Urban: Brixton Buzz co-founder and long-term Brixtonite, Mike founded Brixton’s biggest and longest serving website, urban75. He also promotes/DJs regular free Brixton Offline Club nights. A published author, photographer and journalist, Mike’s work has featured in the New Statesman, Time Out, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, BBC, ITV and Channel Four. He recently spoke at Tedx Brixton. Email: mike@brixtonbuzz.com


Jason Cobb:
Brockwell Lido lover, Herne Hill velodrome has been and Surrey cricket social butterfly. Usually found walking the streets of Sunny Stockwell, stopping Brixton gentrification from reaching SW8. NOT an Essex Man but most definitely a Dulwich Hamlet fan.
Twitter: @Jason_Cobb


Therese at Brixton BuzzTherese Mullan:
A fabulously enthusiastic and effusive local film maker and interviewer, Therese is responsible for producing the excellent BrixtonBuzz.TV features and often can be seen firing off questions to her subjects.
Email: therese@brixtonbuzz.com


Sam le MortSam Le Mort
Long-time Brixton resident and ace writer and illustrator, Sam is responsible for tirelessly putting together our immense Brixton restaurant and cafe guide. Currently, there’s well over 100 food establishments listed, and Sam makes sure that they’re regularly updated.


Marha LovesMartha Loves
Martha is a long term Brixtonite is a passionate photographer originally from the Lake District. She moved to Brixton in the 1990s and refuses to move on… As well as contributing to Brixton Buzz she has photographed for Brixton Community Market, Crafty Fox Market and Brixton Splash.
Email: akamarthaloves@yahoo.co.uk

Stevie SW9:
A born and bred Brixtonite, Stevie is always around out and about in town looking for stories and news. A gifted nightclub and landscape photographer, Stevie provides some great content for the site.
Email: stevie@brixtonbuzz.com


Nigel H:
We are indebted to our techie boffin and coding wizard who keeps this site fresh and sharp!
Email: nigel@brixtonbuzz.com

Brixtonbuzz website - about us

A bit about Brixton Buzz:

Why create the site?

Much as we love seeing tatty old bits of Brixton being rejuvenated, anyone reading the media would think that’s all there is to Brixton: funky new clubs, chichi restaurants, pop-up bars and Time Out-approved happenings.

But there’s always been a lot more to Brixton than where the trendy, tight-trousered troubadours are trotting around, and BrixtonBuzz intends to level the playing field and try to ensure that the smaller, ‘uncooler’ venues, bars and events also enjoy the publicity they deserve.

We also have strong opinions about what’s happening to the Brixton we love and we’re not afraid to post them up.

What we list

There’s usually lots of things going on in Brixton, and our new listings service will include events small and large, from a supergroup strutting their stuff at the Academy to a Tuesday night pub quiz in a dodgy old boozer.

As we expand, we’ll be including features on local history, interesting characters, independent businesses, grassroots campaigns and all the things that make Brixton such a great place to live.

Get involved!

We’ll also be looking for people to join the team, and contribute their own reviews, photos and features and hopefully have some fun along the way.

We’ve got some fairly adventurous plans for BrixtonBuzz on the back burner too, so please get in touch if you can help with the technical side of things (in particular, advanced WordPress/MySQL skills and mobile app development).

Oh, and why do we do it? Because we love Brixton, of course!

BrixtonBuzz contact details:
Address: The Prince Albert
418 Coldharbour Lane
London SW9 8LF
Tel: 07592 946799
Email: brixtonbuzz@gmail.com
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