Lambeth Council Leader Cllr Lib Peck selected to contest Thornton ward for Labour in 2018 local elections

Cllr Lib Peck

Lambeth Council Leader Cllr Lib Peck has been selected by the Labour party to stand in Thornton ward for the 2018 local elections.

Cllr Ed Davie was also re-selected at the branch meeting on Thursday evening. Joining them in Thornton will Cabinet member Cllr Jane Edbrooke.

The endorsement of Peck shows the direction that the party is planning to contest the 2018 elections. Lambeth has been ‘ambitious under Peck’s leadership in projects such as estate regeneration.

If Peck is successful in defending her Thornton seat, it is likely that she will remain Leader of Lambeth Council – should the Labour group be able to defend sufficient seats to form an administration.

The process would be for any challengers within the Labour group to step forward. The party’s crushing victory under Peck’s leadership in 2014 means that she is trusted within the Labour group.

Residents call for lifting of Cllr Rachel Heywood's suspension from the Labour Party

Labour currently control Lambeth Council with 58 seats. The Conservatives have the Clapham Common annex with 3 seats, plus one lone Green in St Leonard’s. Cllr Rachel Heywood [pictured] sits as an independent, having had the Labour whip withdrawn.

The endorsement of Cllr Jane Edbrooke [right] over in Thornton ward is also interesting. She will be standing in place of Cllr Diana Morris who is stepping down.

Edbrooke is moving on from her current Oval seat to be closer to her home. Her policy of book-ish gyms made her unpopular around the Tate South library patch.

Cllr Ed Davie [left] is the current Chair of the Scrutiny Panel at Lambeth Council. His endorsement means that Thornton will have a powerful Progress base to manage their policies.

The three Labour candidates in 2014 polled strongly:

Lib Peck 2,280

Diana Morris 2,220

Edward Davie 2,113

UKIP finished in 4th place, with Bruce Machan polling with 963 votes. The strange case of the Thornton UKIP surge has never been explained – or investigated by Lambeth Council.