Crowd funder launched to help digitise the black history archive of Sam the Wheels

The 198 Gallery along Railton Road has launched a crowd funder to help digitise the social history archive of Clovis Salmon – aka as Sam the Wheels.

Sam has been a familiar face along Railton Road for over 50 years. He is a first generation migrant from Jamaica in the late 1940s. He can also claim to be the UK’s first black documentary maker.

His archive includes family and social occasions from Brixton over the past half a Century. Sam also has unique local footage filmed of the Brixton riots along Railton Road in 1981.

This archive is currently captured on various original forms of analogue media. They are deteriorating. 198 Gallery is keen to raise £9,950 to help digitise the entire archive as a unique piece of local social history.

A 2008 exhibition of a short selection of Sam’s films at the 198 was very well received. The Gallery now wants to make sure that the entire archive is made available for the public to view.

Various rewards are available if you want to contribute to the crowd funder. Pledges start from £5, rising to £1,000. The crowd funder will close April 17, 2017.

You can make a pledge over here.