Brixton’s latest upmarket development gets a daft name: The Edge

Brixton's latest upmarket development gets christened The Edge

With developers keen to dream up new and exciting names for their bland private housing blocks, Brixton has already seen the likes of The Viaduct, The Junction and Brixton Square, but we’ve just unearthed the name of the big development off Gresham Road, and it’s a howler.

Brixton's latest upmarket development gets christened The Edge

Ladies and Gentlemen say hello to “The Edge.”

We’re not sure if it’s a reference to the supposed ‘edginess’ of the area or a tribute U2’s guitarist, but anyone flagging down a cab and asking to be taken to The Edge in Brixton is going to sound a right plonker.

On the discussion thread, some names have already been suggested for this new housing block:

Viaduct Quarter
Unaffordable Zone
Train Rumblin’ Square
Final nail in the coffin quarter*

Still, if we’ve now got The Edge development coming soon, surely it can’t be long before Vibrant Towers is built, and we get an Artisan Corner? How depressingly on-trend would that be?

(*For more suggestions, please consult the The A – Z of Gentrification.)

Brixton's latest upmarket development gets christened The Edge

The Taylor Wimpey website for the development makes it clear that they’re looking to catch the eye of well-heeled young professionals keen to bag a slice of this “lively and funky corner of London” and engage with the “imaginative street scene,” whatever that is:

Brixton is a district of South London within Lambeth. The development is located off Gresham Road and is positioned on the opposite side of the railway viaduct to the Fire Station.

The two apartment blocks are positioned within this lively and funky corner of London. Brixton is famous for its live music, murals, cinemas, and is a desirable place to live for the younger, professional generation due to the strong social culture.

The Edge, is located 5 minute walk from Brixton Underground Station, which is on the Victoria Line and provides access to Oxford Circus within 13 minutes. South eastern trains also operate through Brixton railway station between London Victoria and Orpington.

Brixton is a social magnet for the youthful and more creative Londoners due to its imaginative street scene and renowned nightlife including the Brixton Market and 02 Brixton Academy.

Brixton's latest upmarket development gets christened The Edge

We already know that this private three-block development will contain zero social or council housing, and there’s been no announcement about the number of so-called  ‘affordable flats’ to be included, but our guess is that these ‘contemporary style’ apartments will be thoroughly unaffordable to many locals.

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