Dulwich Hamlet clobber Grays Athletic 4-0 in obscure first round cup game

Dulwich Hamlet clobber Grays Athletic 4-0 in obscure first round cup game

Dulwich Hamlet finally found their winning ways again with an emphatic 4-0 thumping of Grays Athletic on Tuesday night in the first round of the snappily named Alan Turvey Trophy.

Dulwich Hamlet clobber Grays Athletic 4-0 in obscure first round cup game

Unfortunately, the lure of the sun-baked Sardinian coast meant that your intrepid reporter was unable to make the game, but some of the posters on the Dulwich Hamlet forum have added their own match reports:

MS: Ooh, what a joy to play a side that was unarguably awful. They have to be the worst side I’ve seen at this level since we got promoted.

I’m not really one for unbridled optimism, but I think the last two games have been a massive improvement and (despite Saturday’s result) I’ve actually enjoyed our performances. It’s so refreshing to see us having shots and putting a sting in our attacks. We seem to have finally grasped the concept that if you don’t shoot you wont score.

We also seem to have rediscovered some degree of sexy football as well and there’s a lot less mindless punts at [insert striker’s name here]’s head. We seem to be getting the ball on the deck and moving it at a speed faster than that of the average pensioner on a zimmer.

RM-P has been brilliant IMO for the last couple of games and has to be one of the first names on the teamsheet now on. Such quick feet and chases so many lost causes. I think Kadell is very tidy too and moves the ball quickly.

Also think Teniola is a great addition, been really impressed with him. He always gets a (reasonably accurate) shot off and causes lots of problems with his runs beyond the defence. Hopefully we can keep him for longer than a month. It’ll be healthy for Carr to have competition and he seems to make a visible impact when he’s on the pitch.

Hopefully Kargbo will be OK – he’s a vital player for us and no one else in the squad can do the role he does, as shown by the fact Chambers had to play there last night (should we have let Leon Fisher go?!?!?).

Still work to do, but finally, (FINALLY), after four seasons, it feels like we’re moving in a good and shot-happy direction.


BD: Most excellent evening at Champion Hill, virtually one way traffic the whole game.

Shots were raining in on the Grays goal from kick-off until the final whistle. I know they are having a shocking season so far, but we were utterly dominant.

All quality goals, confusion over 4/5 – 0 I think stemming from an attack which saw Drage slam the ball into the net but was harshly judged offside.

Good team spirit, good to see us play well even with Tomlin on the bench, and nice to get a confidence boosting clean sheet.

Agree with the poster who said perfect opportunity to see if Cunningham is going to be of use this season, would appear not. New player came on as a sub who I hadn’t seen before, as well as Chambers in centre midfield.

Percil played well but I would like to see him chip in with a few more goals. Hopefully more to come from him.

Biggest concern was Kargbo being stretchered off and an ambulance arriving in the car park at full time, hope I am putting two and two together and getting five.

Usual bar shenanigans, this time with most beers off and card machines not working, but it was quiet enough that they got away with it.


FH: Well, Grays were fucking terrible. Mostly reserves I’m led to believe, though? Kargbo’s goal was a delicious example of a shot still rising as it hits the roof of the net.

Really hope he’s not out for long as a player of that class is going to be sorely missed. Teniola’s finish was genius – spotted a gap between two players and curled home past the (awful) GK.

Gavin Tomlin has the touch of a guy who played 35 games in L1 in 2014-15. Wait…

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