Jimmy Cauty ADP tour in Loughborough Junction this week (4th-7th August)

Jimmy Cauty ADP tour in Loughborough Junction tonight (Thurs 4th August)

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP) is a trilogy of artworks housed in shipping containers created by Jimmy Cauty (ex-KLF).

The units are on a nationwide tour across the UK, and one of the artworks (ADP 1) will be on display in Brixton from the 4th-7th August.

Kids, accordions, sun and Chucklehead queues: Brixton Country Show 2016, July 2016

Each artwork is a 1:87 scale model housed in a shipping container, with dystopian urban scenes viewed through observation ports in the sides of the containers.

One of the containers was at this year’s Lambeth Country Show (see pic above), but ADP 1 is a larger, 40ft container.

Inside can be seen a vast post-apocalyptic landscape populated only by the police and media crews, set somewhere in Bedfordshire and is known as ‘Old Bedford’.


ADP 1 will be in Brixton from 4th to 7th August at the Marcus Lipton Youth Club, Minet Road, SW9 7UH

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