Cllr Jane Edbrooke moved aside from Lambeth Council Cabinet role following disastrous handling of book-ish gyms


Cllr Jane Edbrooke has paid the political price for failing to listen to local residents over her bonkers book-ish gym policy.

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The Progress Cllr has lost her Neighbourhoods portfolio. The responsibility for libraries will now fall to Edbrooke’s fellow Oval Progress representative, Cllr Jack Hopkins.

Edbrooke will keep her £28,000 Cabinet ‘allowance’ as she has been asked instead to take on a new role of Children and Schools. Her first task will be to try and stop the government from taking control of her new department.

Lambeth Council admitted that this is a very real possibility in a couple of months time, following the disastrous Ofsted ‘inadequate’ rating of Children’s Services.

The announcement of Edbrooke being relieved of her library responsibilities is contained in the Full Council papers [pdf] for the April meeting that have just been published.

This might explain Edbrooke’s recent default position of highlighting funding for Children’s Services whenever she has tried to defend book-ish gyms.

It is unlikely that Hopkins will take a more benign approach to book-ish gyms. The Oval Cllr is from the far right of the Labour party. Working with a Third Way organisation such as Greenwich Leisure Ltd is something of a political wet dream for Hopkins.

The slight reshuffle also sees the promotion of Cllr Mohammed Seedat. The Streatham Wells Cllr will job share the Healthier and Stronger Communities portfolio – whatever that might mean – with Cllr Jim Dickson.

This appointment will be shared in the next municipal year, where each councillor will be in post for 6 months on a consecutive basis.

It seems like a very odd way of working, but Dickson is a very busy man with his political lobbying company, Four Communications.