Another late night twitter meltdown as Lambeth Labour Cllr’s make bizarre criticism of Carnegie campaigners for drinking wine


Another morning after the night before, and the Nu Labour lot in Lambeth are waking up to find that ‘tired and emotional’ tweets probably aren’t the best course of action in politics.

Having reduced the bravery of the Carnegie library campaigners to a gif of a cat on a treadmill on Friday night, Progress Cllr Alex Bigham was back at it late again on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 07.55.19

The occasion of a group meal by the local residents occupying the Carnegie was reduced to Class War by the Nu Labour Stockwell Cllr.

Bigham tweeted a picture of the campaigners taking on the Nu Labour cuts, and chose to make a rather dim observation about the choice of Saturday night wine by the Carnegie occupiers.

A bottle of cheap plonk with your Saturday evening meal?

The rotters!


Meanwhile, Bigham’s Progress Pal, Cllr Matthew Bennett, the Cabinet Member for Housing, was also experiencing something of a late night Twitter palm/face moment.

Bennett couldn’t resist adding his own midnight comment on the occasion of a group solidarity meal, spectacularly failing to understand what is taking place here.


The Carnegie is being occupied so that it can remain open for all in the community. This includes “homeless Lambeth children,” who often see a public library as a safe place of refuge.

A fee paying gym being run by Bennett’s Greenwich Leisure Ltd Third Way chums is unsurprsingly not so appealing to a young child in need.


It’s not as if Bennett hasn’t got enough on his Progress plate, what with pushing through the break up of Lambeth communities with his ‘estate regeneration‘ at Cressingham Gardens and elsewhere.


Last month Nu Labour in Lambeth held a jolly Pizza and Politics event to support the Progress candidate Florence Eshalomi for the forthcoming London Assembly elections. Eshalomi has consistently voted through Lambeth Labour cuts in her role as a Brixton Hill Cllr.

Tickets were priced at a not entirely unreasonable £15. A similar donation would be most welcome for the Carnegie campaigners as they prepare for a fourth night of occupation. Fresh coffee and fruit jucie have been requested.

Chin chin.