Brixton Food review 2015: the best restaurants and cafes – and the saddest losses

Brixton Food review 2015: the best restaurants and cafes - and the saddest losses

Our resident food critic Sam Le Mort – who compiled our hugely popular Ultimate Guide to Brixton’s Restaurants and Cafes – has sent in his ‘Best Of’ awards for eating out in Brixton in 2015.

Scroll down to see which foodie joints hit the spot and which restaurants he’s been sad to lose.

Brixton Food review 2015 - the best restaurants and diners - and the saddest loss

Brixton Buzz Food Awards 2015

Now firmly established as a destination on the food map of London, the pace of change in Brixton accelerated in 2015. New places appeared in every direction, sometimes replacing previous establishments, often making home in unused space.

Numerous street markets, pop ups and Pop itself appeared, the chains made their presence felt with Wahaca, Cabana & the Blues Kitchen all opening this year yet somehow, as the choice expands, Brixton becomes more homogeneous.

Overall, there is plenty to celebrate and raise a glass to, and enjoy the diverse food Brixton offers.

We are dishing out our end of the year food awards in the full knowledge that we have probably forgotten about a delicious meal here or there, and with no claims to have sampled every establishment, so do take this with a healthy pinch of salt.


Breakfast is, say some, the most important meal of the day and Brixton has a many options to scramble over the prize of Best Breakfast.

Previous favourite Duck Egg Café moved from their permanent residence and can now be found in the revitalised PoW pub.

Sam's Cafe, Acre Lane, Brixton - enormous portions fantastic value

With Phoenix yet to reclaim all their former glories after their shuffle along Atlantic Road, it is Sam’s Café on Acre Lane that earns recognition for serving us so well in terms of value and simplicity.

The Lounge still offers a good value options, and if you can find a seat or handle a queue then Cornercopia do a mean breakfast, but for all round good value and taste Best Breakfast 2015 goes to the delicious crepes of Senzala in Brixton Village.

Kaff Bar in Brixton to close as landlords triple rent

Losses for 2015

The loss of Kaff was disappointing for many reasons, but perhaps forgotten is how scrumptious the food was.

Because no other place has really stepped up to the plate to provide such outstanding food, The Saddest Loss remembrance tea towel will have the name of semi-secret restaurant Upstairs stitched on, having also cleared their tables for the last time.

A flurry of new places appeared this year, with the seafood choice proliferating; high end Hook dropping anchor in Pop, the slightly ludicrous HipHopChipShop & Brixton’s Rock bringing some quality fish & chips to Acre Lane, a road that is increasingly a decent bet to find good food.


Considering the various aspects of value, taste and in this case the thoughtful exterior work, the Most Welcome Addition to the Brixton food landscape is Nanban on Coldharbour Lane, run by MasterChef winning chef Tim Anderson.


In contrast, trusty old favourites Khans, Wings N Tings and KoaSarn all remain on top form, but after long consideration, we have to recommend Boqueria as the winner of our Best Overall Food Experience 2015.



Sam’s verdict for 2015:

Most Welcome Addition – Nanban

Saddest Loss – Upstairs

Best Breakfast – Senzala

Best Overall Eatery – Boqueria

Find out more about all the restaurants mentioned in this round-up here:  Ultimate Guide to Brixton’s Restaurants and Cafes.

Let’s hear your opinions!

We know there’s no way everyone is going to agree with our awards, so tell us about the restaurants you’ve loved (and hated!) in the comment box below.