Pirate Party asks residents to crowd-source policies with candidate standing in Vauxhall ward for the General Election

Mark Chapman

The Pirate Party is taking open democracy to another level by asking residents to help crowd-source policies that will make up the party manifesto for the 2015 General Election. Mark Chapman is standing for the Pirates in the Vauxhall ward.

Chapman told Brixton Buzz:

“We are proud to be the only Party that crowd-sources its manifesto – letting anyone suggest ideas and comment on suggestions that others have made. It brings in an element of grass-roots democracy that is lacking elsewhere and enables everyone to take part.”

The Pirate Party is a relatively new organisation in British politics. Despite the rather silly name, the core beliefs of the party are civil rights, direct democracy and participation in government.

We rather like the ideals…

Chapman stood in the Vassall ward for the Lambeth Council 2014 local elections. He picked up 129 votes.

Of course the party doesn’t stand any chance of dislodging sitting Labour MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey. Is is unlikely that any party will be able to achieve this.

But simply by standing in the General Election at least means that the Vauxhall campaign will have a fresh voice to open up the debate.

The idea of crowd-sourcing the manifesto is interesting. There is the danger that you open up your beliefs to be hijacked by a bunch of nutters. Mainstream political parties seem to tolerate this…

Anyone who wants to put forward a possible Pirate Party policy is asked to join the conversation over here.


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