Q. When is a community centre not a community centre? A. When it’s part of the Loughborough Junction Higgs Triangle redevelopment

Loughborough Junction Higgs Triangle redevelopment - more images

We’re grateful to a Loughborough Junction resident for sending us updated illustrations of the plans to redevelop an area known as Higgs Triangle, located between Coldharbour Lane and Herne Hill Road.

Above is Parritt Leng’s CGI of the proposed 10-storey office block, as seen from Coldharbour Lane, SW9.

Loughborough Junction Higgs Triangle redevelopment - more images

Above can be seen Parritt Leng’s current CGI of what the extended church might look like.

The render may appear to suggest that the area is getting a nice new community centre, but all is not as it seems, as our contributor adds:

The curved ‘community centre’ as they label it will actually be a big expansion of the existing Pentecostal Sureaways Intl Ministries Church. It won’t be open to the community at all. Parritt Leng are wilfully misleading people on this point.

We’ve pulled them up on it and they say it is their right because the planning classification (D1) is the same for a community centre as for a church.

Planning details

Please note that these plans involve two planning applications, although it’s hardly surprising that people may get confused. You can view them both on the Lambeth planning database.

The main one is here:

The one relating to the “Sureways” church part of the site is here:
Got something to say about this?

Have your say at a meeting of the Loughborough Junction Action Group 7-9 pm tomorrow (7th October 2014) at the Sunshine Intl Arts Cafe, 209a Coldharbour Lane, London SW9.

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