Angry Fridge Bar owners learn of their impending CPO via Brixton Buzz

Brixton Fridge Bar learns of its impending CPO via Brixton Buzz

Earlier today, we ran a story about how Lambeth Council was preparing a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for 1, Town Hall Parade, Brixton as part of their £50m self-styled ‘campus’ development around the Town Hall.

Brixton Fridge Bar learns of its impending CPO via Brixton Buzz

Initially, there was some confusion as to whether this included the Electric Brixton venue, but subsequent digging by posters on the urban75 boards (and a call from the Electric Brixton management) confirmed that it would just be the Fridge Bar affected.

Unfortunately, it seemed that no one at Lambeth had bothered to consult the owners of the Fridge Bar, who ended up learning about their possible demise through this website.

Posting on the urban75 forums, a clearly miffed Rob from the Fridge Bar said:

We at the Fridge Bar learned today that Lambeth Council intend to apply for a Compulsory Purchase Order for 1 Town Hall Parade, London SW2 1RJ which is where we operate the Fridge Bar.

We learned of this not from the offices of Lambeth Council but from the Electric Brixton (our business neighbours) bringing to our attention an article published online in Brixton Buzz.

We at the Fridge Bar Brixton are not at all surprised at the underhand nature of this action by small elements within Lambeth Council but we can assure all of our staff, DJ’s and customers that this action will be challenged vigourously by our legal representatives at the appropriate time.

Perhaps when the full story of what is behind this emerges some will have raised eyebrows and others will be plain disgusted. We will reserve commenting further for now.

We have asked Rob for further comment, but have been told that the matter is now in the hands of their legal team.

Brixton Buzz would like to give our support to Rob and the team at the Fridge Bar, and express our disappointment at the way that Lambeth have handled this.

Keep up to date with developments on this story on the urban75 boards.

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