Brixton Night Market in Windrush Square – food review

Brixton Night Market in Windrush Square - food review

Brixton Night Market has been running for the past few months on the last Friday & Saturday of each month, so we popped down to see how it was getting on and taste some of the fare on offer.

Brixton Night Market in Windrush Square - food review

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the food we tried, but there was plenty more on offer and some stalls even started to run out of food.

Bun Kabab is a Pakistani stall offering beef or lentil patties served in a toasted bun.  The vegetarian one we tried, alongside some spicy potato fritters, was pleasant enough, yet the flavours didn’t sing with the depth you would expect from the sub-continent.

Yum Yum Paella offered either a Chorizo or fish version of the traditional Spanish rice dish.  We were only reminded fish were in this dish through texture, rather than the flavour you would hope to swim through every mouthful.

All very uninspiring and although it was only £3 and warming enough, we’d rather pay a bit more and actually get some decent flavours.

Roti Master serves up some really tasty, moist and flavoursome roti’s. The only problem is that, well, it’s only a roti. At nearly a fiver, this side order needs to be filled with more original and exciting ingredients than the standard potato.

Brixton Night Market in Windrush Square - food review

After some delicious samples of pork and beef sausage, the steak sandwich from The Free Ranger was mildly disappointing.

Cut so thin it was perhaps inevitable that it would be overcooked and slightly chewy.  Of course, there were offerings of pulled meat aplenty, to fulfil the recent trade descriptions act regarding street food.

Initially put off by the banner at Arpas merely proclaiming the gluten, nut and wheat free-ness of the food rather than some mouth watering flavour combinations, thankfully we persevered to discover the sweet corn pancake from this Venezuelan stall was the surprise of the evening.

The sweetness started to become a touch too much, but at last here was something that delivered what a marketing student would call ‘an experience’.

The Oriental Cuisine stall next door looked like tourist trap food you’d find in Camden, utterly unappealing, so we skipped it, seemingly along with everyone else.  Aside from here, most places at least looked like they had something worthy of further exploration and a lot of these stalls do seem to be from less established caterers, so there’s every reason to expect a few improvements and developments.

Street Food depends on the quality of the Food and the atmosphere of the Street to be a success. Right now, the food at Brixton Night Market needs to be slightly more varied wider and climb a notch up in quality before those who travel from further afield for Brixton’s food will be tempted from the now well-worn path towards the Village.

For the locals who are often dissuaded from weekend visits to the more established areas – mainly due to the food tourist crowds themselves – this is a worthy alternative.

With the music playing, people drinking and mingling, Windrush Square on a warm evening started to develop into something understatedly pleasant.

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