Guinness Trust residents on the Loughborough Park estate ask for a Twitterstorm of support, Weds 23rd July 1-3pm

Guinness Trust residents on the Loughborough Park estate ask for a Twitterstorm

Guinness Trust residents on Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) are  facing eviction from their Loughborough Park estate homes under regeneration plans.

In response, campaigners have asked for a ‘Twitterstorm’ to take place later this week,with tweets targeted at the landlords, the Guinness Partnership.

Guinness Trust anti-evictions protest - photos

The residents have started up a campaign, supported by Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth (HASL) and Lambeth Housing Activists (LHA), calling on Guinness Partnership to rehouse all AST residents in local, social housing.

Guinness Trust protest in support of Brixton shorthold tenants, July 4th

To help publicise their cause, a ‘Twitterstorm’ has been proposed tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd July) between 1-3pm, where supporters are invited to tweet Guinness Partnership (@YourGuinness) their concerns about these evictions.

HASL offered further information about the action:

Tell them that we want local, social housing for all AST residents. Feel free to [use the link below] and also to write your own personal tweets to Guinness Partnership. Retweet other people’s tweets to get the word out and put the pressure on Guinness Partnership.

Not on Twitter? You can email Guinness Partnership on or leave a post on their facebook page here (where they apparently respond to your post within 3 working hours)

In solidarity with all those fighting evictions, social cleansing, gentrification, high rents and for our communities.