Brixton to be renamed East Clapham under forthcoming rebranding policy

Brixton to be renamed East Clapham under forthcoming boundary changes

We’ve heard from sources inside Lambeth Town Hall that Brixton is soon set to become part of Clapham, under a controversial rebranding of the area. 

Brixton to be renamed East Clapham under forthcoming rebranding policy

The move, which is being pushed through by several councillors and is said to have the full backing of the coalition government, will see Brixton being renamed ‘East Clapham,’ with the tube and railway stations also receiving a name change.

We understand that these proposals already have the full support of most key businesses in the area, and a recent secret ballot of shop units within Brixton Village and Market Row returned an overwhelming vote of 95% in favour of the changes. 

“With the shifting demographics and changing aspirations of the people now living in Brixton, it’s only right that the area should have a more appropriate name,” commented Tory councillor Chuck Munna.

“Because of its troubled past, the name ‘Brixton’ holds unpleasant and negative connotations that fail to chime with the vibrant food and shopping destination the area has become, so the renaming is a great way to send out a really positive message to developers and investors,” he added.

Barratt Homes, who recently persuaded Lambeth Council to reduce the affordable housing provision in their large Coldharbour Lane development, were also understood to be very keen proponents of the rebranding scheme.

“With a more upmarket name for the area, we can expect to be under even less pressure to provide affordable housing for future developments, thus guaranteeing more homes for upmarket clients,” said a spokesperson.

Some locals were said to have strongly voiced their opposition to the renaming, but we understand that Lambeth Council has already pledged to evict them out of the area and rehouse them ‘somewhere more suitable’.

If the scheme is rubber-stamped – and all the indications thus far suggest that it will go through – then Brixton can expect to be officially renamed ‘East Clapham’ at the start of April, 2015.

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