Grubs of Brixton: Restaurant and food review of Electric Dog, Market Row


Electric Dog is a new temporary hot dog place, currently squatting in the greasy spoon known in the daytime as the Express Café, on Market Row.

We were greeted by friendly, smiling people, who were attentive and helpful throughout.

The menu details explained, water immediately provided when they noticed our food was beating our drinks in the race to our table, the bill arrived promptly when summoned.

Service was all good. Not something I usually think about in relation to hot dogs, I have to admit.

Before I go further and describe the food, let’s get the pricing issue out the way, which has already been discussed elsewhere on this site.

We were a group of three, having a hot dog and a shake each and sharing one batch of fries. Total was £35 (plus tip). That’s too much, it really is.

No matter how the costs are justified – and they may be, I won’t attempt to work out their costs – I have more than a suspicion this is the main barrier to this place being a lot busier.

However, the menu is there for all to see, so everyone can make an individual decision as to weather the prices are indeed a barrier to settling down, and we can move on to what the food was like.


The fries are great. Really tasty and properly fried to crispness on the outside. Equally good were the Shakes. We tried the Peanut (one with added Chocolate) and Sour Cherry. The Peanut ones were slightly sweeter and therefore more sickly, whereas the Sour Cherry tasted milder and subtler.

The menu is extensive, with 7 different dogs to choose from, but sausage-wise we managed to sample the complete trio. The Beef was the clear meant winner, packing far more flavour than the Pork one. The Vegetarian sausage did the job, if the job was to taste like a fairly standard cheap Frankfurter, but it certainly wasn’t unpleasant.

The buns seemed unnecessarily tarted up. If I’m honest, I would have been happier with the cheap white roll that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

These dogs come from all around the world; there is a Brazilian, a Polish and we sampled a Mexican. The Mexican flavours worked nicely, with the fresh coriander, sour cream and guacamole not over-powering, and nicely undercut by the kick of the fresh jalapenos that sat atop the creamy creation like fresh red scalps.

The beef frankfurter was part of the Hobo dog, coming with chilli beef and melted cheese that made it slightly too salty overall, perhaps the Hobo would combine better with the less-salty (and less tasty) pork bratwurst. The final dog was the simpler choice of the American, which comes with a bunch of relishes, sauces and fried onions.

All three were tasty enough for us serial sauce abusers to leave the array of sauces provided untouched, and we were all left feeling stuffed but at the end it did feel a bit like we were indulging in a children’s treat, at adult prices.

As if I’d bought a luxurious hand-bound version of the Peppa Pig Annual; a bit unnecessary, and leaving me thinking the technically poorer, simpler version might actually be more enjoyable.


This place may be best reserved for when you have a desperate hot dog urge to satisfy but if that’s the case, then try Electric Dog out because they do what they do very well and they may not be here forever.

Review and photos by Sam at Grubs of Brixton. Check out his ultimate Brixton eating out guide: the best restaurants and cafes in SW2 and SW9.

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