Review: eating out at the Effra Social, Brixton

Review: eating out at the Effra Social, Brixton

The Effra Social held a special menu-tasting event on Monday evening, an opportunity to sample the range of food on offer at this new addition to the Antic family.

Review: eating out at the Effra Social, Brixton

Guided through to the rear of the bar, into a dimly lit back room that I was unaware of, two long tables awaited.

Surrounded by the retro clutter that continues the ex-Conservative club theme from the rest of the pub, and with the Joanna in the corner getting a gentle work out, the atmosphere was set for a great evening – if the food was up to scratch.

A glance down the menu revealed dishes you would expect from a pub offering modern British food, with some inventive touches that stoked the interest without appearing unnecessarily outlandish.  Without laboriously listing all the food we tasted, I will mention some of the highlights of each course.

Snacks and starters

The bar snacks & starters were of a particularly high standard.

The scotch egg would earn a place next to a decent pint of Ale, the Octopus salad was delicious; the lemon dressing zippy but refreshing, and marinating the baked Feta in chilli and garlic added a level of flavour.

Review: eating out at the Effra Social, Brixton

Main courses

The mains had a hard task to match these starters. The consensus seemed to be that the Pappedelle was the stand-out vegetarian dish, with the braised lamb shoulder collecting the meat rosette, in our corner at least.
A few found the fish pie a little rich, but this may have been a side-effect of over consumption at this stage. It certainly didn’t lack flavour.

Crème Brulee rarely hits my spot so it’s high praise to say I enjoyed it as much as the crowd-pleasing chocolate brownie. It had a subtlety that can be welcome after an indulgent 3 course meal.

Review: eating out at the Effra Social, Brixton

The cheese board finale

I think anything bordering on the bland or boring on a cheese board is like finding your perfect match then realising they share no appreciation for your favourite music.

Sorry, it’s a deal breaker. I’m pleased to report that the cheese board and I are now going steady for the foreseeable future.


The prices range between £3 to £6 for the starters/bar snacks, mains are upwards of £8.50.

Everyone appeared to think these prices were fair, considering the quality of food, the ample portions and the cost of a similar meal in the area.

If the food and general friendliness of everyone involved matches this tasting evening experience then I think Brixton will welcome the Effra Social as more than a pub with a good selection of Ales and some neat décor.

Our rating: Four stars

More info:
Effra Social
89 Effra Road, London SW2 1DF
Tel: 020 7737 6800

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