Review – Cafe Italia Bel’ Aroma, Brixton Station Road, Brixton

Review - Cafe Italia Bel' Aroma, Brixton Station Road, Brixton

The thread on our sister site, urban75, asking for suggestions for somewhere new to go for dinner in central Brixton has spawned some interesting suggestions and reviews.

One poster, Jackie Pace, was particularly enthusiastic about a small cafe in Brixton Statuion Road – here she describes why she rates Caffe Italia as her current favourite stop-off in Brixton.

Review - Cafe Italia Bel' Aroma, Brixton Station Road, Brixton

I was persuaded when stopping for a coffee to watch the world go by – where I watched them tending their (halal) chicken and lamb with such passion over their grill that i had to try one and I’ve not looked back.

I love their cappuccino – my Federation Coffee-loving partner likes their strong macchiato – their Morroccan mint tea is also good (though possibly slightly sweet).

Their lemon chicken sandwich is sublime: a baguette with much of the pap scooped out and filled with their spiced lemon chicken, fried onions, salad, garlic mayo, a hot spicy (harissa) sauce and chips – the balance of flavours is perfect, there’s not too much bread and you get a fair whack for £3.50.

I often can’t eat the whole thing and save half for later when the flavours have mingled more with the bread. They will vary the amount of hot sauce according to taste.

They are the masters of spices and their lamb is tender and delightful. They will also happily let you try a piece (they did me anyway). I’ve not once had gristly bits of meat that immediately put me off a place.

The guys that work there and/or own it are very friendly, likeable characters with integrity who speak Spanish, Italian, German, English, and obviously their Arabic – and are happy to advise.

Their soups are tasty, vegetarian, healthy and absolutely delicious and come with plenty of bread. They also have a sign up for tagine though I’ve never seen or tried that.

I cannot speak highly enough of this place and may regret letting this cat out of the bag.

Review - Cafe Italia Bel' Aroma, Brixton Station Road, Brixton


Five stars
Caffe Italia
4 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8PD