Three great Brixton cafes for getting work done

Top three Brixton cafes for working

The Americans call it the ‘third place’ or something equally ghastly, but if you’re a freelancer working from home – or you just need to get out of the house before you go mad –  a visit to the local cafe can often be just the tonic to get the creative juices flowing.

Top three Brixton cafes for getting work done

There’s certainly no shortage of decent cafes around Brixton, but here’s some which I’ve found to be particularly good places for settling down with a laptop (or old-fashioned note book) and getting stuff done.

These are just three of my favourites, but if you have your own recommendations, please add them in the comment box below.

The Lounge Brixton
58 Atlantic Rd  London, SW9 8PY
Tel: 020 7733 5229

Top three Brixton cafes for working

This smart and comfortable cafe/bar has plenty of room, good coffee, great snacks and free wi-fi (with power sockets available).

The vibe is laid back, there’s usually some smooth sounds playing quietly in the background and if your mind starts to drift off your work, there’s big windows facing Atlantic Road to provide a pleasant distraction.

The Ritzy cafe
Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Ln, London SW2 1JG
Phone:0871 902 5739

Top three Brixton cafes for working

Situated on Windrush Square slap bang in the middle of Brixton, the Ritzy’s cafe stretches on to two floors, and if the weather’s nice, there’s plenty of room outside for a bit of al fresco working.

The coffee’s pretty good although the staff like to serve at a pace that suits them (and recent price hikes have shunted a coffee up to £2.60), and there’s a decent selection of snacks and cakes.

There’s also free wi-fi (sometimes a bit flakey) and power sockets inside, and the sometimes lively atmosphere might help get you in the mood to work.

Kaff Bar
68 Atlantic Rd, London SW9 8PY
Phone:020 7274 5373

Top three Brixton cafes for working

A little further up Atlantic Road is the rather underrated Kaff, an unpretentious cafe/bar with a dynamite chef and friendly staff.

There’s plenty of room, the wi-fi flows freely, there’s ample power sockets about and the place seems nicely chilled out, so you can settle down for a few hours without getting ‘hurry up and haul your arse’ stares from the staff.

There’s some good locally made cakes available and you can treat yourself to their chuffin’ delicious chocolate, banana and ice cream waffle once you’ve finished your work. Oh yes!

Please note!

All of these reviews are for the daytime hours – in the evening the venues can get busy and the staff may not take so kindly to you hogging a table with your monster laptop.

And please reward them for their hospitality by buying drinks and food while you’re there!

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